Peter Astrom, Artist
10 East 16th Street, Number 10
New York, New York    10003
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Peter Astrom
New York Gotland Round Trip - Book of Gotland Museum of Art Exhibition

"[Peter Astrom] has spent more than Thirty years in New York among the skyscrapers of the urban jungle, surrounded by the world. The last two decades he has also spent his summers in Gotland [Sweden], this island that through its barrenness and great natural beauty has added a whole new dimension to his artistic expression. Often his ideas are conceived in the tranquility of Gotland, to be perfected later in the hectic setting of Manhattan. Motifs and influences from New York street life are mixed with elements from Gotland's nature and coastal landscape … A meeting is thus created between the hard and the soft, between boisterous and the serene."

Excerpt from Preface "New York Gotland Round Trip"
by Angelica Blomhage
curator at the Gotland Museum of Art

Book of Artist Peter Astrom: astrom austrøm ästr&oelig:m åstr&omul;m

"Limber, wiry, wooden, metallic, elastic, sometimes even cloudy, Astrom's line is amazingly various. It's tempting to suggest that even the spots of primary color color which he places at crucial intersections of the image are mutations of the line that wanders with such purposeful vagrancy across the surfaces of his paintings and drawings, and photography-as if the line had come to a sudden halt and burst into a blossom of red, yellow or blue."

Excerpt from essay by Carter Ratcliff :
"The Art of Peter Astrom: Order amid Exuberance"
appearing in "astrom austrøm ästrœm åström"